It’s Been A While…

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… For a number of reasons. For starters, I spent the last few months’ weekends squeezing out the most of my Mt. Hood Meadows season pass but let’s be honest, no matter how fun it is, resort skiing is just plain boring to write about.

I’ve also been laying low, planning a revamp of this blog – did ya notice the name change?

Let’s talk about that.

The past couple of months have entailed a lot of adjustments and transformations, and consequentially, a lot of revelations about who I am, who I want to be, what I want in life, and how to get it. Instead of pursuing regular treks, I’ve been busy with my own personal journey… With a few solo adventures sprinkled in. While I’m still coasting on said voyage, I’m ready to jump back into this project – but with a new outlook.

Having this renewed focus on myself and my endeavors has shifted my purpose with this blog.

Clean Spirit detailed my introduction to the great outdoors; it inspired me to say “yes” to every adventure and to work hard for the material I would write about that night. It served its purpose, but I no longer feel like the wilderness rookie I centered Clean Spirit around.

I feel strong and independent – and I want to inspire women to fulfill a similar metamorphosis into a beautiful badass backcountry butterfly babe.

As a female, I have always been an outspoken advocate for women. While I am a realist, in understanding practical and common situations like hiking with your significant other, I also acknowledge the merits of a solo feat – and I simply feel most women, myself included, lack the support in pursuing outdoor adventures, from friends, family, media, and even the very outdoor companies that we support (hello pink tax?!) without reciprocation.

And that’s where Baby Got Backcountry comes in. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek reference to how women are consistently viewed or spoken to – “baby.” I’m looking forward to writing to my fellow ladies (but guys, you’re welcome to follow along too) and I truly hope to contribute to empowering other women to do what scares them, to try new things, to do it alone, to take the lead, and to not feel inferior, incapable, or chagrined – especially by men – because I am right beside ya on this wild ride too.

If you’re an outdoor woman or an aspiring outdoor women, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or post suggestions. Let’s be friends!


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