Trying New Things is Scary

Trying new things is scary; take it from me, I’m an expert at trying new things. Just in the past few years alone, I have tried backpacking, skiing, touring, rock climbing, and biking.

I have gotten lost. I have fallen. I have had a close call with an avalanche. I have torn the skin off my fingertips. My most recent accolade – a bicycle crash resulting in a sprained knee and a beautiful bouquet of a dozen stitches between my face and leg.

When you agree to try something new, you voluntarily choose to revert into your most vulnerable state. You are as close to being a newborn as you will ever be at your age. You are helpless, you are callow, and you may cry for no real reason at all.

Like an infant becomes acquainted with her own fingers and toes, you become familiar with climber’s knots, topographic maps, your backpack’s zippers and straps, and the kick of your skis on a skin track. At first, it all feels new and unnatural but after time, it’s comfortable and instinctive.

Trying new things is terrifying. It can make your heart pump out of your chest, your stomach flip and flop, your teeth grind, your palms sweat, and your toes curl. You may get sewing machine leg on a route, cold feet at the drop-in, or a burning desire to turn back now. At first, you dread these feelings but after time, you crave them.

Trying new things is frightening… But it is also fun, thrilling, rewarding, fulfilling, and crucial to growth, even happiness. Trying new things is scary, and that’s exactly why you should do it.

Get on that trail, get on those skis, get on that rock, get on that bike. The worst that could happen? You end up with some battle wounds and a story to match.

And the best? You fall in love.


One response to “Trying New Things is Scary

  1. I love this post! I’m all about constantly trying new things – this year alone I’ve tried mountain biking, fat biking, and rock climbing, and I’m taking cross country skiing lessons next weekend. I hate how it feels when you’re vulnerable and new, but love the rush you get when you try something and don’t die!


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