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Baby Got Backcountry was formerly known as Clean Spirit – a name inspired by the late John Muir’s quote referring to the great outdoors as a method to clean one’s spirit. As the founder and sole author of Clean Spirit, I felt an added sense of motivation to explore, conquer, and learn. Clean Spirit was intended to document the trials and tribulations of a wilderness rookie, but as I began venturing more and more, I felt I had outgrown my “rookie” stages. I soon realized what was most important to me – empowering other women to get outside, just as I had.

Baby Got Backcountry is a tongue-in-cheek moniker; as women, we deal with misogyny on a regular basis. Baby Got Backcountry makes a jab at the unfair over-sexualization of women’s bodies and how men see women as their “babe” or “baby” – this sexism translates into the outdoor industry, where women are often overlooked or viewed as inferior. Baby Got Backcountry is about women staking claim in an otherwise male-dominated playing field.

Read more about my blog name choice here.

This blog is for any woman who has wanted to try something new, like hiking, backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, but felt held back due to lack of confidence or uncertainty. It’s for any female adventurer who has shopped for women-specific gear, only to find it’s of a lower quality to men’s… And only available in pink or purple. It’s for every lady who has been told it’s not safe for her to hike alone, or do anything alone. It’s for the babes who want to unleash their inner badass, who want to climb mountains or ski ‘em. It’s for the chicks who want to stick it to every man who has made you feel like you weren’t fast enough, strong enough, skilled enough.

It’s for you, baby.

This is…

The wonderings and wanderings
of a woman gone wild.

Cheers, sweat, and tears,


If you would like to share or re-publish any of my blog posts, first: awesome! Second, contact me here to confirm permission. Third, please attach the following boilerplate:

The Vermonter turned Oregonian turned Utahn, Alisha Durgin is the baby behind Baby Got Backcountry — an anthology of her personal wonderings and wanderings since discovering her passion for the outdoors and a need for more women representation and support in the wild. Described as a “female-fueled adventure blog without the frills or a filter,” Baby Got Backcountry explores grit, girl power, and good times in nature. Learn more at http://www.BabyGotBackcountry.com.



My logo was created, in part, by Colin Byrne. Check out his art here.


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